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    Auto Update and Performance Questions (Multi-Value Quick Filters)

    Tim Hill

      I have a dashboard that I recently added some multi-value list quick filters to.  We discovered that the performance was not good because you would click one item, wait for the charts and filters to refresh, click the next item, etc.  This is really painful if you want to select many items for your filter.  So the fix I attempted was to turn off Auto Update Dashboard and Auto Update Quickfilters.  This worked great in my desktop copy but as soon as I promoted to Tableau Server it was back to refreshing with every selection.  I know that the user can pause automatic updates and this does seem to be a better options but a) there is still a small delay after every select that I assume is the filters updating and b) this requires more interaction and knowledge from the user.  So after going through all of this I have come up with the below questions that I hope someone can help me answer.


      - Why does the Tableau Server dashboard not behave the same as what I see in Tableau Desktop where nothing is refreshed until I tell it to?

      - Is there a better way to improve the performance when dealing with multi-value list filters so that many selections can be made before a refresh is done?