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    Getting rid of the extra blank column YoY

    ernesto debeaumarchais

      I have a P&L type text report.  For certain items, I want to calculate a year over year difference.  So I did a table calculation, which works, but the first year's YoY column is blank, and I can't see anyway to hide it.  This isn't a one-time report, so I can't really create fields called "2011 figures" and "2012 figures" and "12-11 YoY" because then I'll have to redo it every year. 

      If you create calculated measures called "Current Year figures" and "Previous Year figures" based on case logic and then create another field called "YoY" and subtract one from the other, instead of the first year having a blank column, you get a column of negative figures.


      It seems like if you bring in year at all, you will get a column for each year no matter what.  Why is there no way to just 'force hide' a column?


      Is there any other way to do this that I'm not thinking of?

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          Try right-clicking on the column header and selecting Hide from the pop-up menu, this should do the trick.

          That specific column will remain hidden, but its data will be available for calculations (unlike filter).


          When years go by, you may want to hide a different column, and if you want that to happen automatically, then you need to create calculated fields along the lines of "First year", "Second Year" etc, that will dynamically update based on the current date or something like that.

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            ernesto debeaumarchais

            My sheet looks something like this:


                Cases                 Dollars          Dollars YoY Difference

            2011   2012          2011   2012          2011      2012

            -------  --------          --------  --------         -------       ---------

              55      65            500       600         BLANK      100


            I don't want that blank column for Dollars YoY Difference - 2011.  But I can't see a way to hide that one column alone.

            I'm not sure I follow what you're saying...if click on the year 2011 in the header and hide, it hides that year for all my columns.  If I click on the actual "Dollars YoY Difference" header, it hides that column completely, both years.


            It seems like you need to have a field that is specifically '2011 Dollars' and '2012 Dollars' and then calculate the difference between them.  But then I need to redo this every year.  It seems odd that Tableau wouldn't allow you to do something this simple.

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              With this data layout, I can't think of any easy way to hide a column.

              I  have simulated the situation in a workbook below - does anyone have any ideas?-

              One approach would be some calculated fields trickery, as mentioned by Ernesto, but that could be too complicated and static.