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    Tableau and Teradata in a Retail setting

      Would like to know if anybody has implemented a Tableau and Teradata solution in a retail setting.  I would appreciate knowing what are the best practices that have been implemented and what are the challenges that took placed and the solutions that were used to effectively overcome those challenges.


      We have a prospect that operates and manages the Loyalty Program and CRM for the largest retail chain here in our country. Currently, they have over 6 Million active members or cardholders contributing around 60 Million transactions a year across 300 plus stores. Transaction history, down to the line items, are stored in a Teradata System while analytics are done through SAS. Among other things, analytics is used to develop more effective marketing promotions to attract new members, to reduce churn and to increase store traffic.

      They are looking for a highly intuitive and user friendly frontend tool that can help them streamline their data mining processes as well as increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their analytic and reporting activities.