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    Tableau User Research

    Jun Kim



      I'm a User Researcher working at Tableau and would love the opportunity to talk to more users in the Seattle Area.  If you are interested, I would love to observe and discuss how you are using Tableau individually or in the context of your organization. 


      Thanks and looking forward to meeting you,


      Jun Kim

      Senior User Researcher

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          Hi Jun,

          I am interested in meeting others as well in the Seattle area.  I am currently using Tableau with an olap cube which isn't always as straight-forward as other sources.  It would be great to hear from others in the area who are using cubes.  In addition, our org is embedding our views into our own dashboard platform so that we can manage security and have a branded interface for our clients to access. 


          Let me know when you are ready to discuss!




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            Nick Zajchowski



            I'm using Tableau to help with my work in research, planning, and evaluation for a local court. The Tableau users in our group are more oriented toward the business side than the tech side. We are just beginning to learn how to use Tableau - mostly we use Access tables and Excel files. Tableau is proving to be very useful for data cleaning, as well as the obvious presentation uses. Since we are a government agency, our focus is on descriptive data and not so much on the financial side.