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    How can I add variable shading for different quadrants?

    Joshua Sun

      Hi, I'm Josh and this is my first foray into the Tableau community so please take pity on any ignorance on my part.

      I'm creating a fairly simple chart with a score factor and a growth factor (standardized student test scores) as the Y and X axis respectively.  I'd like to be able to shade each quadrant differently.

      I've attached the stripped down version of what I'm talking about.

      Q1 = Above average score/Above average growth

      Q2 = Above average score/Below average growth

      Q3 = Below average score/Below average growth

      Q4 = Below average score/Above Average growth

      Q2 and Q4 would be one color (probably a mild yellow), Q1 would be green and Q3 would be red.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.