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    Week format

    Xavier P

      Hi peeps, this one is odd!  I have a nicely formatted column of 2012 W1, 2012 W2 and 2012 W3.


      Yet, Tableau does not recognize it as a date.  Any idea why?

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          Alex Kerin

          That's not a standard date format I believe. You need to convert it to one


          The calculation turns out to be fairly convoluted - you may be able to simplify it:



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            Xavier P

            thanks Alex, it was in the date format in my tableau so it's odd that 2012 W2 is not working.  See workbook attached, I will try to avoid calculations if i can.

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              Alex Kerin

              Don't know - obviously the normal, plus numeric.

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                Tracy Rodgers

                Hi Mister X,


                Though the Data Type was assigned a date field in Tableau, it is not in a date format that Tableau is able to read as a date. In order for Tableau to recognize it as a date, it needs to be structured as a month day year in the data source (i.e. 2/14/2012 or February 14, 2012). Once the date is in a format in the data source that is recognized by Tableau, then the format can be changed in Tableau to look like 2012 W2.


                By using the calculation that Alex provided, it converts the Date field to a date that can be recognized as such by Tableau.


                Hope this makes sense!