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    Tableau 7 Server - Not SSAS Friendly

    Ed Egan

      Most of views are built off off SSAS cubes. Once again, SSAS is proven to be the ugly step child to Tableau Software. I'd be interested in hearing from other SSAS users.  Some key issues we've found on the server side of  7.0:

      1. When using "data" and "crosstab" functionality there is a difference between what will show up on your browser screen and what you actually see exported in Excel. In most cases a key dimension will not be passed to Excel. For example, in one of my filled maps, when I click "download as a text file" everything is passed except the actual country or state name. Most of my users have no idea what to do with just longitude and latitude.  To further explain, the data on the Summary tab can be downloaded but the data on the Underlying Data tab can not be downloaded.
      2. This one is a huge issue for us...View Data is not fully working as expected. When you download using the "Download all rows a text file" a 1kb file is created on your PC but it contains no data. Most of our users, if not all, rely on this feature.
      3. Compatibility issues with IE 8.  Some of our clients are still using Windows XP with IE 8.  The issues above and further complicated when using IE 8.  The user is unable to download Summary level data or Underlying Data.  Also the PDF functionality does not work...only a blank page is produced.  Tableau Support duplicated this issue and is now aware of it.
      4. Menu Actions - this issue is not as big but is confusing to users. If you have a tabular view and have a menu action that takes the user to the second tab, the user just gets a blank screen. There indicator that Tableau uses (the circling circles) to indicate the view is running doesn't show up. So some users just assume something is wrong. Data eventually returns if they wait but some users quit after looking at a blank screen for 10 seconds. Most of our views return in about 30 seconds or less.

      I have submitted cases to Tableau Support over the last 2 weeks on the above issue and to date have received acknowledgment regarding the issue with IE 8 but for all other issues I have either not received a response or  have received the following:  "Currently, Tableau Support is experiencing higher than normal call volumes with many of these calls being system down or unable to install. We are working to resolve those cases as soon as possible and follow up on those waiting."

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          Glenn H

          Hello Ed.  I have had the same issue regarding the pdf export in IE8.  I found a work-around by disabling the pop-up window through internet options and then using the "Download" or "Export" button that is shows up when the pop-ups are disabled.  The user is then able to download the file normally.