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    This should be simple! How do you use two calculated fields to calculate a rate?

      I am working for a tall, normalized table where all my elements are in one column, and the value in another.  I want to select the sum value from one element (tonnes of agricultural production) and divide it by the sum value of a second element (hectares of harvested area) to calculate the rate of yield (tonnes per hectare)


      The details:

      Create = # Area Harvested:

      IF [element_txt] = "Area Harvested" THEN[val] ELSE NULL END


      Create = # Production Quantity:

      IF [element_txt] = "Production Quantity" THEN [val] ELSE NULL


      Both these calculations work.  However, if I want to create the = # Yield calculation by dividing one by the other, it comes out NULL.  Here is what I am using for the third calculated field:


      [Production Quantity]/[Area Harvested]


      Any ideas?