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    How to show Totals in a heat map without messing up your colour scheme

    Andy Cotgreave

      Here's a problem I have a lot, and just worked out a solution that I thought would be good to share. Say you've got a heatmap like this:


      Looking good! I can easily see my highest and lowest Sales by Order Priority. But now I want to see the totals for each row/column. I go to the menu and choose Analysis...Totals...Show Row/Column Grand Totals and my viz now looks like this:

      heatmap with totals.jpg


      Well that's no good, because now the huge grand total has completely distorted the colour scale. What to do? Previously I would manually set the colour scale range, but that hard-coded some values into data that might change. Instead, you can use a TOTAL() table calculation:

      Total calc.jpg

      Drop that onto your row and column shelf (and set it to Compute Using Table (Down) and Table (Across) accordingly. And then you end up with this:

      heatmap with better totals.jpg

      Now the colour scale uses just the Cells, and you can see the totals easily too!