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    Authentication Failed - Request ID: TyqnCAogEscAABHI5KUAAAC5

    Josiah Hart

      This is the error I get when I first navigate to the Tableau Server URL:


      Authentication Failed

      Contact an administrator to make sure you have access to the server.

      To login as a different Windows user  click here.

      Request ID: TyqnCAogEscAABHI5KUAAAC5


      I then have to click on login as a different Windows user before I can log in. Any idea why it does not take me to the default login screen. All my users are facing this error.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Josiah,


          One possible resolution to this could be to try running "tabadmin reset" to reset the Tableau Server Administrator account. The instructions for this are as follows:


          1. Open a command window and type the following:

          32-bit version cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\6.0\bin"

          64-bit version cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\6.0\bin"


          2. Type:  tabadmin reset


          Then log back into the Tableau Server - you should be prompted to create a new Administrator account.  Use the same account as before.


          If this still does not resolve the issue, you can submit a request with our support team by filling out a form here:



          The following information will help resolve the issue more quickly.


          1.  What username is being typed into the login page?

          2. Has logging in with the username in question worked previously?

          3. If yes, at what point did it stop working?  What changed in the environment at that time?

          4. Screen shots of relevant windows or error messages, including the 'Show Details' information (if applicable)

          5. Screen shot of the "General" tab of the "Configure Tableau Server" dialog box.  The dialog box can be reached by clicking on Start > Programs > Tableau Server > Configure Tableau Server

          6. Date and time that the authentication failure occurred

          7. Tableau Server log files (See http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/creating-tableau-server-log-files for instructions on bundling and sending the log files)


          Hope this helps!



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            Rodrigo Domingos

            Hi Josiah

            I got the same problem in my enviroment, and I solved this!

            Log into your server as admin, go to alluser > domain and in the nickname of your company network, put the name of your network


            instead of

            name             |            nicname

            my.domain                   my server host


            name             |            nicname

            my.domain                  mycompanynetwrk

            I hope this work for you!




            Rodrigo Domingos


            Business Intelligence Analyst