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    In Tableau 6.1, how do I prevent off-line map fm appearing blank due to sliding to the far right

      I'm still using Tableau Desktop 6.1.  My dashboard has several charts on it, including 2 maps.  The first map is a background image and it stays in place just fine on the dashboard.  The second map is a Tableau off-line map which looks great for how I'm using it.  The only problem is when I first open up the dashboard, the Tableau off-line map appears blank, but it is actually slid out of view in the window to the far right.  Using the scoll bar under the map, I have to slide the map over to the left and re-center it in the window for proper viewing.  How can I lock this map into place?  The push-pin button does not work, it merely enlarges the map slightly which does not help.