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    Jeremy Christman

      Is there a way to make the min/max values a parameter can take on dependent upon the filters in the data. Also, I would like to make a parameter a function of another parameter. Or even make the values of 1 parameter bounded by the value of another. Is there any possibility of making these an option in the future?

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          Alex Kerin

          Not a parameter directly, but you could use a calculated field along with if statements and maybe things like window_max to limit the final values. Sometimes a quick filter in combo with the parameter could help you with the second point.

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            Jeremy Christman

            I am using the parameters as a place for a user to input a value. I am actually having them input multiple parameters. But, after the first parameter value is chosen the values of the other parameters are limited based on that choice. I am not sure how I could do this with a caluclated field because it requires a user input.

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              Alex Kerin

              Can you not use a quick filter set up as custom value list or wildcard match?

              Without seeing the data and what you are trying to do, it's difficult

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                Jeremy Christman

                I am trying to allow the user to pick cut off values for colors on a graph. Based on different criteria there is a need to have different user defined inputs here. I am trying to use these inputs as parameters from the user. But the user has to make sure the limts make sense as the parameters are not smart enough to know what the limts should be. I ahve an example here. You can change the cut values and the colors should change.