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    Automatic - Fit to Window not working

    Dylan Spencer

      Since upgrading to Tableau 7, I've noticed that the option to automatically fit a dashboard to window size does not work properly. The dashboard almost always exceeds the size of the window, requiring the user to scroll to the right to use any quick filters. I've received a number of complaints about this since the upgrade and can't figure out why this is. Any suggestions?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Dylan, go to: File\Page Setup\Dashboard Size and see what it's set to. If you chose 'Exact' either standard or custom and the user's screen resolution is less than that setting, they will get the scroll bars. Exact works great if you know the end-user's screen rez. We use this extensively. (One note: set it to less than the whole screen so there is room for the menus and toolbars. For instance, we work on 1920x1080 monitors, and we set Exact to 1890x920.)


          You can also use range or automatic to account for many different screen sizes. These don't always produce the best-looking vizes but in general your users won't get the scroll bars. Hope this helps,



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            Dylan Spencer

            Thanks for the reply. I've created two versions. One is set to exact, which works fine. The dashboard set to automatic does not properly resize. Unfortunately, users have various size monitors so creating an exact size dashboard will not work.

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              Ed Egan

              We've found the same issue.  One of the things I've done to compensate for it is still set the sizing to automatic but then use containers more or less as frames around the dashboard.  Try using an empty container on the bottom of your view and maybe on the side (play around with it).  Also check your quick filters...some may be set to fixed and some may not which can also impact your view layout.  Just some suggestions.