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    Dynamic Title

    Vladimir Patsionov

      Hi! I am new in Tableau so my question may be quite simple. I have two sheets on my dashboard - first one is CourseName and second one is CourseDetails ( it's all about kind a training center analytics) . I also added an action which filters CourseDetails according to selected CourseName with Exclude all option when CourseName is not selected. Now in CourseDetails sheet I want to generate a Title which will show "Details for <CourseName>" when CourseName is selected and "Details for None" when CourseName is not selected. But instead of this I have "Details for ALL" when CourseName is not selected. How to solve this problem?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Vladimir, I created a workbook similar to the one you described and it is behaving the way you want it to. (See attached.) The first time through I got the 'ALL' label, but after that it changed to 'None'. So I'm not sure what's going on in your particular workbook. If you post a packaged workbook I'll take a look.


          BTW, I thought this was going to take a calculated field to accomplish, but it didn't, which is really pretty cool. There is one little strange behavior regarding the tool tips. I blanked the tool tip so it wouldn't get in the way of clicking, and this works fine. But as soon as you click a course the tool tip pops up. Not the behavior I wanted or expected. I'll send a note about this to support.



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            Austin Dahl



            Try this:


            1. Go to Dashboard -> Actions (or Worksheet -> Actions
            2. Select your filter action and edit.
            3. Change the option on the middle section, right side for "Clearing the selection will" from the default value of
              "Show all values" to "Exclude all values."


            That should do the trick.