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    Compare different time periods in line chart

      Hi All,


      I have seen variations of this in other posts, but one that appear to answer this question.


      So, we have a database which counts legislative amendments over time and in different categories eg family law, property law etc.


      Column headers for example:

      Legislation name          Date of amendment          Legislative category          Division responsible


      What I would like to do is to compare the total number of legislative changes for Quarter 2 to the total in Quarter 1 in a running total continuous line chart - detail down to the day


      As far as i can tell the key problem is that the dates from each qtr don't correspond so they show on separate charts (side by side, not overlayed). I can compare the same date ranges year by year, and even month by month (using the day number).


      Im sure a calculated field might help eg number each day in the quarter from 1 to 92, or even number each week from 1 to 13 might work. But i cannot quite work this out.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.