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    Parameter Controls Ignoring Alias?

    Chris Toomey

      I'm working off an Excel sheet where some of my dimensions have really ugly names (as a result of the modeling effort we are doing) - so when I loaded into Tableau7, I aliased them all so it would be easier to navigate.  However, when I started building some dashboards for presenting to the project team - the parameters displayed the alias, but the views reverted back to the original field names. 


      Any idea on how to avoid this? 

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          Andy Cotgreave

          Can you provide a screenshot or workbook as I don't entirely understand the problem


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            Chris Toomey

            I can't post a screenshot or workbook as we had to do a workaround with the underlying data, but I can demonstrate what happened.


            The data was set up in Tableau like this:


            DIMENSION A                         ALIAS

            Company_Country_City1          Alias 1

            Company_Country_City2          Alias 2


            When I use a Quick Filter or Filter Action everything works just fine.


            But when I want to use a Parameter, built on the DIMENSION A strings, put the Parameter in the appropriate shelf, and start toggling - what appears as the Dimensions in the viz are not the Aliases I've defined, but the Company_Country_City1 labels. 


            Does that clarify things at all?


            If not, I can try and mock up some data to show.