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    Tableau Software running with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)



      Do we have any proof of concept/s that Tableau Software is running very well with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)?  Any documentation will be very, very helpful.


      Attached is the GP brochure for your reference.


      Hoping to hear from you very, very soon.


      Thank you very much!


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          Russell Christopher

          HI John,


          SInce no one has answered this for you yet, I'll take a stab at it. However I'm not a GP expert, and in fact I've never even used the product.


          That being said,  GP uses SQL Server as it's data store and Tableau is great at connecting to SQL Server -- so there's a plus for you. Microsoft's SQL Reporting Services is sometimes used against GP's database to do reporting and that tells us a couple things:


          • It can be done
          • There are specific views in GP and/or "known" queries that can be written against GP to pull out useful and interesting data.


          As I recall GP also includes a Microsoft Analysis Services cube that can be built on top of the data you're working with to do "hard core" Business Intelligence. Tableau also can connect to a cube, so you're good there, too.


          So to summarize: Yes, I'm 100% sure you can do this and most likely get good results....but...No, you're probably not going to find lots of documentation / how-to information on same from a Tableau point of view -- GP is "just another data source" to us.


          Hope this helps a a little?