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    Primary Colors

      The Florida Primary is happening today -- and all the polls say Romney will win by a landslide at least partially because of his perceived "electability."  This viz, shows that to be true (though Paul's not far behind). Interesting, but I just wish you didn't have to scroll through the candidates to compare their maps.  It is cumbersome to have three maps side by side though.  Any ideas on how to improve?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Alex, I don't have an answer for your main question, but I do have a comment on how the slider works, especially how it is laid out in this viz. First, it fooled me. Because the readout and slider are side-by-side I didn't immediately notice the slider, so instead I thought the read-out was a type-in box and tried it that way. Tableau let me double-click the number to highlight, further giving the impression it was a fill-in box, but then I realized it wouldn't take keystorkes, which is when I finally noticed the slider. So question for Tableau: When placed side-by-side why are the readout box and the slider the same size? Shouldn't the readout box only be as big as the number it needs to display and give the rest of the real estate to slider? This would emphasis the interactor and de-emphasis the label. Also why is there a border around the readout/label? I think this is probably where my confusion really began. Eliminate the border and I think you eliminate any confusion as to how to interact with this parameter control.



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            Steve Wexler



            I like this a lot.  One way to streamline it would be to create a viz that shows the electoral division for all three possibilities one above the other, like this:


            Obama vs. Paul: (Viz goes here)

            Obama vs. Gingrich (Viz goes here)

            Obama vs, Romney (Viz goes here)


            Then, make each of this viz's have a hover action so as you hover over one the map changes.


            This way you can see immediately how the three candidates stack up in electability, then hover over one to see how it changes the map.



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              Brad Earle

              Here's an alternative way - use an action filter from the other elements to change which candidate versus Obama is shown.  I created a link in public -- http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/Electability_0/Electability?:embed=y

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                I like your method Brad.  I created the original viz, but I think your version looks smoother and presents everything you'd want to know at a glance.  Nice work.

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                  Brad -- I think your new layout is extremely effective -- viz linking it (hitting that blue bar chart with the link beside it) for the benefit of all to see. Clicking it will take you to your live viz.


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                    Lori, are we getting an update for this anytime soon?