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    Tutorial files don't work as in the video



      I'm going through the Tableau Public tutorials, and when I try following along with video 2 and 3, I'm finding that the Excel files provided don't match what's been shown onscreen.  The titles of the tabs aren't the same, the columns aren't named the same, and the information isn't cleaned up in the same way.


      Also, when I bring them into Tableau, they don't work the same way that is shown.  For example, when I get to video 4, "Create Views" and I try to flip through the different types of charts, I don't get the same results - I highlight "Year" and "Number" ("Amount" as shown in the video is not present) at the bottom of my screen I see "9999 Year of Year" instead of the years running left-to-right along the chart - see the attached screenshot.


      Can you take a look at this and tell me what's going on?