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    Formatting/Highlighting Quick Filters

      I have developed a workbook that connects to a live database. The first page in the workbook is a sheet that has a number of global quick filters (build date, ship date, supplier, model, etc) that are used to change the source data that the other sheets in the workbook will then pull from the database when they are accessed. I've arranged them all together in the way I want them listed, but I can't seem to find a way to format the quick filters at all so right now it just looks like a mishmash of check boxes and scroll bars. I just want to add something simple like borders around each filter and banding on the lists of check boxes but the options don't seem to be there to perform these types of formatting. Are there no options for this or am I just missing them?

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          You can add a box around the filters by clicking the filter's carrot and selecting layout container.  Then click the container's carrot and select "format container."

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            Thanks David, I did find that option, but I can't find a way to define the layout containers. I'd like to put each quick filter in its own layout container so I can put an outline around each one, but the quick filters all seem to be combined into 3 layout containers, one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle.


            Also, does anyone have any idea if its possible to do any kind of formatting on quick filters or layout containers besides simple outlines?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Warren, the layout containers and quick filters can be moved around anywhere on the sheet. If you have 7, arranging a layout is much easier than 6.1, but it still can be tedious and frustrating. I was able to do the layout you described, but it took a bit of work. (See attached.)


              The only formatting available to quick filters or layout containers is the simple border (and the title text font/color/alignment).



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                Shawn, thanks for confirming that there is no other formatting available for quick filters. I will re-build the dashboard and try to keep each quick filter in a separate layout container.

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                  EDIT: I can't seem to do it, no matter how I try to add, remove, arrange, re-arrange, etc, I can't seem to get each filter into its own layout container. It seems to create the layout containers on its own based on how you arrange the filters. Is there a way to design the layout containers manually or to break them into smaller pieces when they encompass more than 1 quick filter? To give you an idea of what I'm working with there are 12 different quick filters of varying sizes and types that are going on to this dashboard.

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    Warren, the overall answer to your question is 'yes'. Putting 12 quick filters into individual layout containers with a border around each, is very do-able. I created a 3-filter example using the following steps:


                    1. Put a single sheet into the dashboard view, preferably the one with the most quick-filters associated with it.
                    2. If quick-filters appear, delete them so only the sheet is in the view
                    3. Drag a Horizontal  Layout container to the far right of the view (assuming that's the side your filters will end up).
                    4. Now drag and drop a Vertical Layout container on the bottom half of the horizontal container.
                    5. Now drag and drop another Vertical Layout container on the bottom half of the vertical container you placed in step 4.
                    6. Keep adding vertical container and adjusting the vertical sizes as needed, until you have 12 containers. Don't worry about exact layout, that will come later.
                    7. Format each container with a border. (It might help if you change the color from the grey default to black so the container outlines are easier to see.) It'll look something like this:Containers-1.PNG
                    8. Now use the original sheet to turn on all the quick filters. They will probably appear on the far right of the set of the container you just created. Like this:Containers-2.PNG
                    9. Drag each quick-filter and drop it into one of the layout containers, being careful not to drop it between the boxes. And then re-size everything. Final result: Containers-3.PNG


                    That's it. (Sorry if this was too much detail.) Hope this helps. BTW, this is MUCH easier to do in 7 than 6.1, so hopefully you've upgraded.



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                      P Fro

                      Hey just checking in on this topic again. Sorry if I missed this in the several posts I have looked at, but I am (as it looks like others are) looking specifically for a way to change the font size for quick filter items for a quick filter based on grouped dimensions. I know how to change the title font options, but how would I change the size of the font for the items listed under the quick filter?


                      It seems "do-able" as I have seen other's post images showing a larger font than the standard ~8pt.


                      Is this feature available in 7?



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                        Shawn Wallwork

                        Hi Peter, you actually can NOT format the font or size of the listed items on a quick filter (in 6.1 or 7.0). You only have control of the title. This is something many of us requested before the new Ideas forum was instituted. I haven't seen it re-suggested. If you post it there you've got my vote.



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                          P Fro

                          Thanks for the quick response Shawn! Good idea on the "re-suggestion"...I'll do that!