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    clarification on the "if" statement

    Robert Sinclair

      I would like to create average trend lines for four particular stores and see how they trend against all other stores.  I created the following calculated field with the expectation that I would have to create another calculated field that excluded the four stores, but it appears Tableau is doing that for me.  I just want to make sure that what Tableau attributes as "All Other Store" exclude the four in the calc. field.  Please look at the calc. field below and the visualization image I'm getting from Tableau.  Thanks RS


      if [Store] ='1923 - Racine' then '1923'

      elseif [Store]='1913 - Schaumburg' then '1913'

      elseif [Store]='1919 - Pleasant Prairie' then '1919'

      elseif [Store]='1921 - Altamonte' then '1921'