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    ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken Error on Publish

    Rob Mitchell

      Hi all, I've never seen this error before but when I went to publish today it bit me.

      Internal server error. Response code: 500 Details from Server: Tableau Server encountered an internal error. ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken

      It was mentioned here but never really addressed: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/cannot-publish-report-large-extract

      • My extract is 29.9MB and has 2.9m rows.
      • I'm on 6.1.4
      • I've tried changing the name of the workbook, with the correct permissions (a few AD groups and a few users) and with only the publisher option, publishing to a different project, with and without a schedule extract.
      • Source is a MySQL db with embedded authentication. Our usual is a SQLServer but this isn't the only MySQL and the others are working.