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    Server 7 with OLAP...View Data Not Working

    Ed Egan

      We upgraded our server this past weekend.  Most of our dashboards are built against an OLAP data source.  The view data feature does not seem to be working.  The view data icon shows up as expected, you get the screens showing summary and underlying data, but when you download the data using the "Download all rows as text file" you get zip...nothing, no data.  We don't have the issue when hitting a SQL source.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Ed!


          I just finished building a 7 testing platform, so have this a whirl. I assume you mean SSAS when you say OLAP (vs Essbase?)


          I created a basic report off of the Sample AdventureWorks cube, and had no problems "Downloading all rows as text file" as you describe. However, I created the report in Desktop 7 vs. 6.X so we're not exactly dealing with apples and apples.


          If you download one of these 6.X workbooks currently in your 7 Server, save / upgrade it to 7 using Desktop 7, and then re-publish to Server 7, do you see any change in behavior?

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            Ed Egan

            Thanks for your efforts Russell.  Glad you were able to get it to work.    I did open a case with Support. 


            Some other information that may be relevant...

            *  all of our dashboards on our server were converted to 7.0 in desktop then republished to server.

            *  Our server box is Windows 2008 Server, SP2

            *  Users that we know of are using Windows 7 on their PCs.

            *  An error we are also seeing sporadically is "Additional Considerations* Tableau Server is no longer supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.".  I personally only saw this error in Chrome when I used tools "Edit" and "Paste" after clicking the "download as a text file".  Others users with IE are getting the error pop up in a separate tab.

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              Ed Egan

              Oh, one other item....the download to text works when clicked from the Summary tab.  It does not work when clicked from the 'Underlying Data' tab.