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    tabcmd returning invalid files

    Rust Cadwallader

      So I am trying to get a .png file down from a Tableau 7 server


      I can access the file in my browser just fine:




      Returns the image as expected





      tabcmd get "/views/sMax11/MoneyMap-Dash.png?Customer%20ID=4400&runID=1" -s http://dev-vm1/ -t "dkurak" --filename "C:\zSoftware\dev\exports\MS\HH_4400\Money_Map.PNG" -u "dkurak" -p "XXXXXX"


      Places a file named Money_Map.PNG on my system in the correct place, however, the file is either corrupt or not a valid bitmap or something.


      I can't open that file with any editor, and when I force it open, it is just a page with a red x


      Am I missing some option for the tabcmd?