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    What if Scenario...what is the optimal size of first-third year courses to support fourth year courses with 20 students?

    Melissa Schuurman

      I'm trying to develop a dashboard for one of our faculties so they can see how many students they need per year to ensure 4th year courses have atleast 20 students in them.  This is easy enough to do in excel, but we would like to put it into Tableau.

      The data and example of table is in excel file.


      Things to consider:

      Attrition rates are different between different years (ie. Attrition from year 1 to year 2 is 62%, whereas attrition from year 2 to year 3 is 21% and so on)

      Need the option for user to change number of students in 4th year (currently 20 students, but may want to see optimal course sizes if they want 40 students in 4th year courses)