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    Data Extract Very Slow

    Natalie Duncan

      We are currently using Tableau 6.1 to connect to a PostgreSQL database. When taking a data extract it takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Often the data can take over 10 minutes to extract.


      It is particularly worse if we try to amend an existing data connection and in some cases using a data extract is slower than connecting to the database directly.


      Has anyone had any similar problems and know why this may be occurring?


      Many thanks

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          Dan Cory

          Remember that a data extract is trying to download the entire table from Postgres instead of aggregating it on the server using a query. Although it may take a while to build the extract, subsequent queries should be faster.


          You can extract less by hiding fields in the data window before extracting, filtering out some of the records, or aggregating the data before extracting ("Aggregate data for visible dimensions").


          Beyond that, it depends a lot on the details of what you are connecting to. You can ask support for help and supply them with a log file of a session with an extract.