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    Popup window on country/point click - how?

    Mark Haller

      I'm wanting to do something similar to here - http://horn.wfp.org/main.html - a large map that when I mouse onto, or click on a point or country, a popup window will be shown.


      Ideally, the data for the popup window will be coming from another system at run-time, via Ajax or iFrames.


      And the popup will be in a fixed position that I determine at design time.


      Is this possible?  I know so far I can do external URL links which is great - but that means I need to dedicate screen space to the frame/area - if a user doesn't click on a link, it's a waste of space.  I also know it's possible to do tooltips now, but as far as I can see, they're very small, are not pulled from external data, and cannot be at a fixed position.


      Any advice/help appreciated