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    Tooltip for year

    April Hoy

      I have a line graph that shows changes in per capita income for several counties over time.  When I click on a year along the x axis, a tooltip appears with the sum of all of the counties' per capita incomes for that year.  Is there any way to make this go away?  I'm using the 7.0 version, if that makes a difference.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          April, go to worksheet\tooltip and delete everything in the text box. When the tooltip text box is empty tooltips aren't displayed. --Shawn

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            guest contributor

            I'm not trying to get rid of the tooltips that appear when I hover the cursor over points on my line graph, only the ones that appear when I click on a year.  Is there a way to get rid of one but not the other?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              April, I hadn't notice this yet, seems to be a new feature in 7.0 (just checked a few of my 6.1 workbooks and tooltips aren't associated with axis values in them. And it doesn't look like they have given us any control of their display/format. Hopefully this is coming in 7.0.1 :)


              By the way, I agree with you we need a way of turning this off. Most of the time I prefer the end-user not have control over sort because it can mess up any predetermined set sorts. The 'view data' button is nice to have, too bad it comes with the a/d sort buttons.


              But you gotta luv all (most) of the new stuff!



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                guest contributor

                You're right.  The shaded maps do more than make up for that quirk.