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    Combine unrelated charts in the same chart

      I have 3 tables that store error log messages from 3 different systems.  None of the columns are related in any way.  There are no common keys.  They all have a DateTime field, an error ID field and a bunch of fields that document the error condition.


      Even though there is no data relating the 3 tables, the 3 systems are interrelated and problems in one often cause problems in the other.


      I know that I can see all three at once in three different charts using a dashboard.


      What I would like to do is to overlay a line diagram for each of these 3 tables on top of each other.  So on the X axis we have time (e.g. hourly over the last 48 hours) and then on the Y axis we have count and then in the chart area, you see three lines all on top of each other.