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    Command line switches

    Jason Cluggish

      Is there a complete list of command line parameters for Tableau.exe available anywhere?  I know about a couple of them but I'm trying to determine what Tableau can and cannot do and knowing the options available would be helpful.


      The two that I do know about are:


      tableau.exe /p [file.twb]

      This will print the .twb file to the default printer.


      tableau.exe /package [file.twb]

      Packages up a .twb file to a .twbx file, at least that is what I think it does.  I've never used this one before and there isn't any documentation that I can find.


      If there is a place to find this documentation, can someone please point it out?  If you know of other options, besides the two I've described, please feel free to let us know about them.