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    Tableau Server Initialization Failed.

    Cote Adams

      I am trying to install fresh the Tableau Server version 7.0 Trial (released today) on Windows Server 2008 R2 (4GB Ram, no IIS, running as Administrator).


      During the Initialization Progress (after saving server configuration), the init fails and states to see install log at Tableau Server\logs\tabadmin.log.


      The only Fatal Item in the log states:

      2012-01-18 15:36:30,228_FATAL_10.6.0.108:#########_:_pid=2968_0xf3bed9__user=__request=__ Unable to init component Components::Database (0 of 14)


      I have attempted both local authenticaion with NT Authority\NetworkService, as well as AD authentication. I have tried using ports 80, 8000, 8060, 8080.


      I am set up as an administrator and I have made sure all folders are not set to read only. Any idea on how to fix this?




      Cote Adams

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