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    some URL Actions broken in v7

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      So it looks like v7 broke URL actions that are supposed to be available in the "menu". I have 2 url actions: The 1st is set up as "run action on select" the 2nd as "run action on Menu". The select one still works ok, but now when I right-click instead of popping up the menu and allowing me to choose my 2nd URL action, the 1st URL action is activated and the tooltip pops up. So how does one use URL actions in the Menu now?


      This is a little hard to explain but hopefully someone out there follows.

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          I've attached a screenshot since I can't share the workbook. The pic on the left is from v6 the one on the right from v7, "Procedure Notes Page" is the name of my Menu URL Action

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            guest contributor

            I'm seeing this as well.

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              I see this issue with Tableau 7.0.2 Desktop client as well. There is a new version 7.0.3 but the release notes does not indicate a possible fix. Looks like its a bug with Tableau 7.0.2. Anyone else experiencing this?



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                James Baker

                The change you've noticed was part of our design for Tableau 7.0.  In fact, you can actually point your finger primarily at me for this design.


                See "Improved Tooltips" under "Analytical Firepower" here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/new-features/7.0  (though that doesn't mention the action link move)


                Yes, we moved these links from the context menu to the tooltip menu, as you noticed.  In general, these actions should be more easily discovered and you shouldn't need to move your mouse as far to reach them.  You don't even need two clicks any more.  Is there any way in which they are less usable, or that the design displeases you?  We did consider the downside that our existing customers would need to acclimate themselves to the new location, but felt that overall the tradeoff was positive.  I apologize for the (hopefully temporary) inconvenience.


                The one thing still left on my list is that the "Menu" icon in the configuration dialog still looks a little too much like a context menu, as we didn't update it...

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                  Thanks for the quick update James. So what is the best way to have a Parametarized URL appear in the Tooltip items? Do you have an example workbook for Tableau 7? If so can you please share it.




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                    Richard Leeke

                    Am I right that the menu action still appears in the context menu if the sheet is on a dashboard (as well as in the tooltip), but only appears in the tooltip if you are just on the individual worksheet? That seems inconsistent to me.


                    Not being able to get at the action from the context menu forces you to have a tooltip, which isn't always desirable. A workbook Shawn and I have been working on, which Shawn will be putting up on Viz Talk soon is a good example of this. We are making extensive use of hover actions, and tooltips interfere with the effectiveness of that quite significantly, so we have tooltips disabled. In this particular case we are driving from a dashboard, so the menu actions were still available from the context menu, and we ended up not needing menu actions anyway, but I think there is a good argument for having them available in both places (as they are on the dashboard).


                    The dashboard I'm talking about is the "desktop" version of the dashboard in the workbook where Shawn had his "disappearing text" issue, if you want to have a look at the rationale for suppressing the tooltips, James.

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                      Have the same issue. I can see the action on tableau desktop wherever I press on the data raw. but on tableau server I can't see the link (in the tooltip) on the same spot I press on the desktop only when I press the Column.

                      somebody notice that?