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    Problems With Quick Filters Accross Data Sources

    Tim Hill

      I have two datasources that basically have the same fields as each other.  The reason that I have two is that one is used to display Monthly data and the other is used to display Weekly data where we are calculating weeks by a different standard that what Tableau calculates (ours run from Monday - Sunday and Week 1 does not automatically start at the new calendar year).  I don't want to have the same quick filters for each set of charts and instead would like to save real estate by having one quick filter to update all of them.  I have run through the video on data blending and read several threads in these forums about it as well but I can't get it to work with the quick filters the way I would like.  I did find solutions in the forums using Parameters and Calculated Fields that work for all but one of my filters.  The primary filter I have allows the user to decide whether to view the data by one of three dimensions in a hierarchy by having a parameter with three choices and the below calculated field.  By adding the calculated field for both datasources the parameter control automatically updates both perfectly.


      CASE [Select View]

      WHEN "Area" THEN [Area]

      WHEN "Country" THEN [Country]

      WHEN "Operator" THEN [Operator]



      I'm also able to do a similar thing for a more simpler filter of just selecting which service I want the data filtered by like shown below.


      CASE [Select Service]

      WHEN "All" THEN "Keep"

      ELSE IIF([SERVICE_ID]=[Select Service],"Keep","Drop")



      The complication is that I also want the user to be able to filter data by the view they selected with the first paramter/calc field (Area, Country, Operator).  There are obviously going to be numerous values for each of those and I can't have one parameter work for each set of choices (that I have been able to figure out at least) so that is where I am stuck.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to get this to work?

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          Richard Leeke

          Can't you just filter on the first calculated field, as in the attached?  Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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            Tim Hill

            Yes, except that the quick filter for that calculated field does not work for both data sources.  It works to display the data by the correct field and works for the color shelf.  It does not work when I want to add a quick filter that works for both data sources.


            I'm attaching a trimed down version of my dashboard so that you can see better what I'm talking about.

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              Peter Hopwood



              I have a couple of ideas,  none of them are perfect but it might help trigger a solution. You could select 'Use as Filter' on the sheet titled "Monthly Account activations" and then when you click on that chart it will filter the other charts based on the filtered data. Its a usability inconsistency but it kind of works.


              The other idea is to make the quick filters control sheets instead of quick filters and use the dashboard actions to pass it to the two data sources separately. I have done this before in a similar situation.  It would be very hard to make it look as good as you have done with quick filters (and you have to come up with a clever way to deal with 'All' but you can trigger two actions from selecting a value, one to each connection and that should work.


              Does that help?





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                Tim Hill

                Thanks for the suggestions Peter but I really need things to be updated from the quick filters.  The users that I have for my dashboard will not click on the sheets or anything like that to get an update.  I need to make it as simple and easy to use as possible for them.

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                  Peter Hopwood



                  Here is the workbook with a control sheet as an example - it does work the same way as yours and look a bit like a quick filter - it also passes the values though correctly - you might want improve the look of it, and it is not quite the same as a quick filter  but it does work.


                  Near enough?



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                    Tim Hill

                    That deffinitely gives me the ultimate result I want and does not take the screen real estate away from the charts like I was thinking a control sheet would.  It doesn't look as good as a quick filter and is harder to interact with since it's not a drop down list.  I'd still prefer to have it work like the other filters if at all possible but if I can't find a way to do that then this may be an alternative.

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                      Mike Hyde

                      Tim, I share your pain.

                      I work with a lot of dashboard views which combine many data sources, and it remains a mystery why there is not a nice way to make a quick filter work across multiple data sources at once.


                      Right now, the only two options I know of are the ones you already mention:

                      1. Use a control sheet as a selector to trigger an action (which doesn't look as good as quick filter and can be confusing for users / or takes up too much screen space)

                      2. Use a parameter along with a calculated field in each data source to effectively make a "programmable filter" (which leaves you with static choices inside the drop down as paramaters are statically defined; plus it can create a performance degradation due to all the calculated fields being re-calculated for each change of the parameter)


                      I'd really like to see Tableau address this as it is a limitation we come up against on most jobs.  My suggestions on how Tableau could "do this right":


                      1. Create a native multi-data-source quick filter which would apply to multiple data sources where there is a common dimension


                      2. Make use of the Actions functionality which already exists by allowing a quick filter displayed on a dashboard to initiate an action.  From there, you could connect that action to multiple worksheets as usual and have a lot of control over how it worked.


                      I have a post on this in the "wouldn't it be nice" forum, but we should add this to the new ideas section of the forum too.




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                        Nicole Le Prohn

                        I'll add my 2 cents - I've been struggling with this for 2 days and after reading these posts am at least relieved to know that I'm not stupid when I can't get it to work. Yes, another vote (are you listening Tableau) for having this work across dashboard pages. AND please make your documentation clear that this DOES NOT work know. The knowledgebase articles make it seem possible.


                        and thanks in advance for the suggestions here. I'll try those, although my users want it simple as well.

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                          After reading these posts, at least I can stop struggling after two days.



                          Thanks for the sample. Very helpful!


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                            saranya karthi

                            Hi Mike,

                            I need similar kind of problem. I need to use only Quick Filters for my users (as parameters are not multiselect) to filter across multiple datasources.