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    Tim Lynch

      It should be easy but I am having problems printing out my dashboards.  The dashboards are printing but they are not taking up the entire sheet of 8.5 X 11 on the landscape setting.  Horizontally it fills up the whole page.  However, vertically it is only about 2/3 of the page.  I have tried modifying all of the page set up settings.  The image will grow on screen but prints out the same size as before.

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          Tableau will not stretch and distort the view just to fill the entire paper, it will enlarge one side until that side fills up all available space and scale the other side in proportion, i.e. you cannot get a square view to fill all of a rectangular page. If the dashboard has a scrollbar with more stuff at the bottom, this will not print - only currently visible part of the view will.

          Sheets don't have this problem - Tableau will spread them over multiple pages, if required.

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            Tim Lynch

            That is really surprising.  Seems like pretty basic feature.  Thanks for the advice.