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    A view refresh/reload time takes unlimited time on Internet Explorer

    Budy Sugianto

      I've already used TS 6.1.5.

      Sometimes I've got a problem when I change the filter on dashboard that change one of views in the dashboard, the view refresh/reload takes unlimited time (with circle progress time turn around for unlimited time). When the progress running on client machine, I've checked on the server (separate machine) and it looks like there is no load (the cpu only takes 1-2% for a long time).

      But when I press F5 key on the IE browser, the dashboard back to normal (but only until the problem happens again for sometimes) and I can change the filter as well (the refresh/reload time on good condition only take about 1 second). I've also checked on server history view performance, the dashboard takes max time not more than 4 seconds.

      Since the problem happens intermittently (and I don't know what is the trigger or symptoms before the problem happen), then I've try using other web browser like Firefox, and it seems the problem did not happen (I've just checked for several times but I think it's enough to conclude the problem did not happen because the problem happens in IE only just several trial less than I try on other web browser).

      This problem happens in IE 8 and 9, and I've already try on several Win 7 PC installation.

      So I suspect there is an error on client/web browser side (ajax, javascript, etc) and it only happen in IE (I've just tested on IE 8 & 9).


      Is there anybody have been got the error like that? Sometimes your dashboard views refresh/reload for unlimited time until you refresh the page (F5)?