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    Mailto Link

    Tim Hill

      Does anyone know how to add a mailto link to a Tableau dashboard or if that is even possible?  I want to be able to have a link in the dashboard that a user can click to send an email to the teams distribution group with any bugs they find, questions they have, etc.  I don't see a way to insert any link like this or even a basic hyperlink but this seems like funtionality that would exist.  I hope I'm just overlooking something and that the community can help me out on this one.

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          Richard Leeke

          You can do it with a URL action.  Just specify the URL as "mailto:address@wherever.com".

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            Tim Hill

            Thanks Richard, I was just about to post that I had figured it out but the next part is what I'm not sure the best way to complete it.  I don't want them to have to click on one of the graphs to send the email.  I want to have the URL action be a select on some text on the dashboard but the actions don't work on text objects, only on worksheets or data sources.  I found something that works but it doesn't seem to be the best solution.  I created a worksheet that has a Null Value (IF 1=0 THEN 0 END) for the column and a Parameter that is a text value for the row.  This is a variation on a forum post I found from Joe Mako about creating a blank worksheet.  I added the URL Select action with the mailto field and when I click on the text from the parameter it works.  It would be nice if there was a better way to do it so that I could control the formatting more and make part of the text look like a hyperlink instead of just plain text.  I'm going to use this solution for now until I find a better way or one of you Tableau experts posts a better solution.

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              Richard Leeke

              I almost described how to do that when I posted that answer before.


              You do have to bodge it a bit to get it to look like just a simple clickable link - but it is possible.


              I've used a technique I picked up from one of Andy Cotgreave's blog postings in his pre-Tableau days when he used to blog at The Data Studio.  I even think Andy may have blogged specifically about how to do it.  You'll find some examples if you hunt through his old postings.  Or look at the "About this viz" tab of this workbook of mine.

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                Mark Chappell

                Another thought is to make your "link" an image and use the image on the dashboard. Right-click on the image and choose "Set URL..."

                I used a "Help!" picture in my example (see attached), but any image will work.

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                  Richard Leeke

                  Yes, much nicer.

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                    Tim Hill

                    Thanks Richard.  It looks like what you did is basically what I had done but slightly better because it could be formatted with the blue underline that way.  I do like how easily that works with the image though Mark.  I'll have to see if I have, or can create, a good image that fits my dashboard.  Thanks for the replies and tips.

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                      Shawn Wallwork


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                        Tim Hill

                        The link is working great and sending the email as expected but I have noticed when using the dashboard through Firefox it also opens a new tab.  Has anyone else seen this behavoir and know if there is a way to prevent it?

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                          guest contributor

                          Hi All,


                          Can you please share any example or link that describes more details on how to send email from Tableau.


                          One of req i trying to meet to send email to user when a dashboard has been refreshed for the day.




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                            guest contributor

                            To be clear, i understand how to send email but when i click on the url it open outlook. Instead i would like to send email directly




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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              Arun, I deleted this message because I just realize I misunderstood what you were asking for. Sorry about that.



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                                Mark Vivian

                                I'm using the mailto link on a URL action, but it throws a new page when the report is run from Chrome.  Does anyone know how I can prevent it from opening a new page, and just open the email?

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                                  Miroslav Licek

                                  I'm having the same issue in Chrome. It does not occur in IE nor in Firefox. If I click on any other mailto link in Chrome outside of Tableau server, it doesn't open a new tab, just the email client. Any ideas how to get rid of it? It's annoying.

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                                    Julie Sauvageau

                                    The "mailto" is working BUT I have a blank page opening (with Explorer and Chrome). It's confusing users since this page is sometimes on the top, hiding the new email to send. Any way to avoid this? I made the central portal for access request to our Tableau Server with Tableau but if I don't get a work-around, I may have to use something else...


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