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    Do I need to Upgrade from Tableau Personal Edition?

      I am hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction on a Tableau project I am working on.


      Here is my situation. I own Tableau Desktop Personal Edition, and I am looking to create some web content. Specifically, I want to do story telling / marketing with some interactive data visualizations, and I want to offer some interactive business intelligence to my website visitors.


      Just to give a little better perspective, this project is for a financial services firm that offers advice to investors on hedge fund managers. I want visitors to be able to filter a universe of thousands of managers down the select few that meet their investment criteria. This filter process will revolve around them being able to do business intelligence on those managers using the manager’s historical performance and “key performance indicators”.


      Here are the issues I am trying to deal with first:


      1.    What is the best Tableau product for this project? (Desktop Personal, Desktop Professional, Server, or Digital)


      2.    What’s the best way to publish this? (Tableau Public, Tableau Digital, or on my own server)


      3.    Should I be considering certain platforms to do this on? For example, I keep seeing reference to Microsoft Sharepoint. I don’t know anything about Sharepoint, what are the top benefits or reasons to use this platform for my Tableau projects?


      4.    My underlying data will be updated and changed frequently; does this affect my considerations above?


      5.    Where is the best place for my (regularly changing) data to reside?


      6.    What’s the best way to house this data? (Excel, Access, etc.)


      If anybody would be willing to offer me some summary advice on what I have outlined here I would greatly appreciate it.

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          Dustin Smith

          Hi Dean,


          Sounds like you've got a really fun project and like most Tableau users, see the value in giving your audience the ability to interact and make their own discoveries.


          Fortunately Tableau has three different solutions for people to use when wanting to put Tableau visuals out onto the web - Tableau Server, Tableau Public and Tableau Digital.  Which solution is the right one for this project depends on a couple things like how much security you need around who sees the published visuals, who can access the underlying data and how important it is that the data reside on premise vs. in a secure cloud, etc.


          I definitely recommend you talk with your account manager since they can help you narrow down the right solution based on your specific project needs, however here is a quick reference of each of the three solutions:


          1. Tableau Public - Free solution that allows users to publish their work up to the Tableau cloud and let everyone see both the visualization as well as access the underlying data.  Tableau Public Link.


          2.  Tableau Digital - Upgraded version of Tableau Public that allows for a subscribed user to disable access to the underlying data of a published visual while maintaining the ability for it to be seen by the public. Requires Tableau Desktop Professional.  Tableau Digital Link.


          3.  Tableau Server - Server software that you install on your own web servers and allows you to keep your data onsite.  Gives the ability to password protect visualizations or make them open to the public.  Requires Tableau Desktop Professional.  Tabeleau Server Link.


          Hope that helps.




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            Dustin Smith

            Additional information about Tableau Public can be found here.