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    Plotting calculated correlation coefficient

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      Based on a helpful example from this forum, I have been able to create a correlation coefficient calculated field.  Based on the example data set, I have no problems plotting the 2 measures and showing the calculated correlation coefficient as a text value.


      However, I'd like to take this 1 step further and plot the correlation coefficient itself rather than the 2 measures across time and cities.


      In the data set example provided, we can see that the calculated coefficient values are:

      - Cincinatti (Oct): 0.91

      - Seattle (Oct): 0.97

      - Spokane (Oct): 0.87

      - Cincinatti (Nov): 0.97

      - Seattle (Nov): 0.96

      - Spokane (Nov): 0.97


      Therefore, how do I generate a plot which will show me only 6 points for correlation coefficient for Spokane/Seattle/Cincinatti for Oct-Nov ??