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    Up to Last Month Calculation

    Grant Horn

      Can someone please help me with a calculation to display a count 'up to last month'? I've attached a workbook for reference.


      In the Membership sheet, I have three main objectives: show Total Members This Month, Total Members Last Month, and Total Members Change.


      For Total Members Last Month, I'm trying to display the total number of members from the beginning of time up to the end of last month.


      I'm currently using the calculation:



      IF DATEPART('month',[Date]) <= DATEPART('month',TODAY())-1

      AND DATEPART('year',[Date]) <= DATEPART('year',TODAY())

      THEN [Company ID] END)


      Unfortunately this calculation does not work for the month of January since IF DATEPART('month',[Date]) <= DATEPART('month',TODAY())-1 will equal 0 and not 12.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.