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    Calculated Field as Action Filter

    Grant Horn

      I'm currently having difficulties with my dashboard action filters. In particular, I created two sheets: Membership and All Records.


      The Membership sheet shows various metrics (Total Members This Month, Total Members Last Month, Total Members Change) about our members by status (Active, Failed to Renew, Refuse to Join).


      The All Records sheet shows specific details about each member (Company ID, Status, Record ID, Company, Address).


      I created an action to filter the All Records sheet by the Membership sheet. However, when I click on values on the Membership sheet, the filter only takes into account the Status (row) and not the calculated fields (columns).


      I've attached a workbook for reference.


      Can the sheets/filters be adjusted so when you click on a number value on the Membership sheet, it shows the associated records on the All Records sheet?