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    tabcmd with SSL - *** 406 "Not Acceptable"

    David Kurak

      Below is the tabcmd I execute against my server from a command prompt (with some security substitutions). If I disable SSL and use port 80 this command works fine but I get this when trying to make the SSL connection. I know I probably need to somehow register or tell the command prompt about this certificate and allow SSL connections, but I have no idea how to do this.


      I'd love some help if anyone has come across this?


      >tabcmd get "/views/WORKBOOK/REPORT.png?CustomerID=XYZ" -s https://TABLEAU_SERVER --filename "FILE_LOCATION_AND_FILE_NAME.PNG" -u "USER" -p "PASSWORD"

      ===== Continuing previous session

      =====    Server:  https://TABLEAU_SERVER/

      =====    Username: USER

      ===== Requesting /views/WORKBOOK/REPORT.png?CustomerID=XYZ from server...

      warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL session

        *** 406 "Not Acceptable"