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    Tabcmd - Publishing Only Specific Sheets / Dashboards

      Hello gurus -


      Tab 6.1 desktop / server.  Has anyone had any success getting tabcmd to publish specific sheets / dashboards to tableau server.  I've got several dashboards I'm thinking about publishing w/tabcmd periodically, but I don't want to make every sheet on the workbook available, just the dashboard.  But I cannot figure a way to get tabcmd to do this, cryptically, the documentation set says:


      " By default all sheets in the workbook are published without database usernames or passwords"


      But there is no mention of the options by which we can select specific sheets in the workbook.  There was a thread in this forum indicating that 'hidden' (i.e., not displayed in a dashboard) workbooks won't be included, but that doesn't appear to work.


      If I have two dashboards in a workbook that each are comprised of three sheets, I really don't want to publish 8 pages to the server; just the two dashboards I need my consumers to see.  You've got this choice when publishing from Desktop, so clearly this is possible, does anyone know the commands for tabcmd to make it happen?