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    Problems with Totals

    Ian Hutchison

      I am having problems with totals within my tableau report and was looking for help to get round about it. I have been asked to report on income on some coaching courses for the organisation I work for. However when using the tables from our bookings & pos database I noticed payments are doubled when the booking is spread over 2 weeks but with 1 payment. This is highlighted when you look at the booking ID. April 1st payment should only be £22. When you use the grossproductvalue for the sum it shows £44 because we have 2 booking ids for this one class. I need it to show £22. Therefore I created a calculation which you can see within my attached sample, however this calculation also applies when I add totals. I need th grand total to show the true total which I work out to be 199 and not the 211.4 it shows.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks