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    Grouping summarized totals together for a stacked bar chart

    Jon Mitten

      I've got an issue where I want to group sever summarizations together to create a stacked bar chart, where I have a book-store and then types of books sold at each book store. So, for each book-store, I want to have sum(children_sales), sum(graphic_novel_sales), sum(fiction_sales), sum(biography_sales), sum(self_help_sales) and sum(cooking_sales), in a stacked bar chart, each stacked above the name of the store (and eventually, I'll want the name of the store and the store location).


      The view I'm referencing as a data-source already has the summarizations broken out from the fact table, nice and neat. I can get them all side-by-side according to book-store, but Tableau will not let me create a stacked bar chart from these sources. The view should not have to be changed.


      The pop-up mouse-over when hovering over the faded-out suggests that a stacked bar chart is typically one measurement and two dimensions, but surely there's a way to group measurements together to make any type of disparate data stacked into a distinct, color-coded stacked bar, where a single dimension is true.


      How can I group my sales summaries by the book-store so I can create a stacked bar chart?