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    Creating HQ Reports to be Distributed in Print (PDF) Form

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new to using Tableau, and thus far, I love it. When creating interactive analytics and reports, the program really excels. However, I have a client that requires me to create large batches of reports with individualized information for each case. This would require more than just presenting the visuals that Tableau generates, but presenting Tableau's visuals alongside text/other images to build a comprehensive report. For example, a report such as this:




      would be ideally what I would like to generate, with Tableau visuals embedded amongst the other design/text elements of the report.


      I've played with the pages function, but what this generates (a bare-bones sheet with only the visualization) is lacking in terms of what I need. As I mentioned, I am still learning Tableau, but is generating this sort of designed, comprehensive report possible with Tableau. If not, what would you recommend Tableau be coupled with in order to make such a report? I understand that the strength of the Tableau package lies in interactive, web-based analytics, but any recommendations you could give toward generating HQ print reports would be greatly appreciated.


      Much thanks!


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Sy, Tableau is great at creating interactive dashboards, as you mentioned. While Tableau is not a desktop publishing tool, it has a few options for exporting the information. Check out 'Print to PDF' and 'Export Image'. If you use Adobe Acrobat you'll be able to edit the files Tableau exports, adding the additional text and better controlling the layout. (I doubt you'll be able to embed an active workbook, but you never know.) I also use a little utility program call 'Snipping Tool' which produces nice screen-shots that I then paste into documents.


          But none of this is automated and if you are creating 'large batches of reports with individualized information' you might find any of these cut & paste approaches tedious and time-consuming. Hope this was helpful.



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            Shawn, thanks so much for the quick response. I was beginning to think as much in terms of Tableau's capabilities for batch reporting; trying to make Tableau perform like a desktop publishing tool would be much like squaring the circle, so to speak. I'm trending in the direction of using an enterprise reporting software, e.g. Windward, for what I need. It's a just a shame Tableau's beautiful visualizations can't be transferred to print with the degree of customization that I would like!


            Again, many thanks for the advice, Shawn.



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              Cristian Vasile



              please check my post on this thread http://community.tableau.com/thread/115870