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    Totals Row - Default Value for 1-Item Groups?

    Catherine Rivier

      I have a large spreadsheet-like report with many subgroups and subtotals.  For 1 field, I am trying to make it so that a specific value shows up in the Totals Row, for every case, but no where else.


      In the attached example, see column Max-Sales_Special.  I would like every Product row to show the Max of [Sales-in] (this is done), but I would like all of the total rows to show a value of 24.  For Manuf1, this was easy, using a Joe Mako suggestion in another post:


      IF MIN([Product])=MAX([Product]) THEN MAX([Sales-in])

      ELSE 24



      However, I have many cases where there is only one value in the group - like in this example, Manuf2.  The IF statement I have above then doesn't work, and, as you can see, the Totals row for that section does not use the default 24.



      (If it helps, the reason I need to do this:  My real use case is broken up by departments and work items.  Sometimes only 1 work item is done for a day, and we often look at the data by individual day.  We need to make sure that, though an individual work item may have a different time attached, all departments as a whole must use 24.  This number is also used in some calculations elsewhere in the report.)