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    Chart for first and last month

    Tim Hill

      I currently have a line chart that is displaying the sum of user accounts accross a period of time (one for months and one for weeks).  I also have two bar charts to display the top 5 of a category (country, region, etc.) for the first and last time period in the above chart.  This is easy to setup manually with a filter on the date and choosing the first or last time period.  What I want to do however is to make it dynamic so that it is always the first or last period displayed in the line chart even when the data changes (more weeks/months of data added) or the user changes the range to display.  Does anyone know how to do something dynamically like this and be able to filter based on the first or last period in an existing chart?  They are using the same datasource which is pulling from an Oracle database.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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          Joe Mako

          How about something like the attached?


          Edit: added first/last parameter

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            Tim Hill

            Thanks for the response Joe.  The dashboard actually does more than I need it to but that's not a bad thing.  However, I can't seem to get the Last Month calculated field working correctly.  Attached is one of the monthly dashboards that I'm trying to get to display this correctly and you can see that when I filter by the last month of my date field Last Month correctly shows as True but when I try to filter by Last Month it is Null for all but a few values.  I created a copy of my date field to just display the Month as you did and created the same calculated field and parameter.  I'm sure there is something simple that I'm missing but I just can't see it.  Can you take a quick look at see what it is that I'm missing here?  Thanks again for your help.

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              Tim Hill

              I wanted to post an update that I almost have this working now and it seems what I needed to add was the filter by the year in order to get things working.  I'll have to see if that meets all of the requirements but it's at least closer than what I have now so thank you very much for your help.