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    Creating calculated measure on specific members of a dimension

      Hi all,


      i am fairly new to Tableau, and got stucked on this issue.


      Assume I have the following table


      Date  Account  Amount

      1/2/11 Sales    $1000

      1/3/11 Expense    $200

      1/2/11 Sales    $1000

      1/2/11 Expense    $500

      1/3/11 Sales    $400

      1/3/11 Expense    $50


      Once i have loaded the data in Tableau,

      I will have “Account” as a dimension with “sales” and “expense” as members .

      And in measures I have amount.


      But I need to calculate the profit margin

      Which is sales amount – expense amount.


      and show the results in

      profit margin vs Date


      How can i achieve this ?