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    Changing chart height independently

    Charles Allen

      Hi All,

      First off, im very new to tableau (as in downloaded it less than an hour ago) so please forgive my ignorance/incorrect terminology. I am currently using the trial version to see if it can create the graph i am after for work, and if so i will happily upgrade to the full product.

      I have a combination chart displaying 3 measures, then on top of that i have a chart with a single measure (with only a few data points) reading off the same x-axis. The combination chart is my main chart to present, and the second single measure chart is supplementary. I want to reduce the height of the single measure chart so that it is roughly 1/3 of the size of the combination chart. This way the combination chart is the main chart, with the second chart smaller on top. When ive tried to change the size of just one chart, it changes the whole view keeping both charts proportionally sized. Thanks in advance guys

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          Andy Cotgreave

          Hi Charles

          Welcome aboard. Can you repost your workbook as a Packaged workbook (.TWBX)? You can do this from the File menu - File..Export...Packaged Workbook.


          A TWB file doesn't contain the data, so we can't open it up to look at it.




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            Charles Allen

            Hi Andy,

            Thanks for your reply. Sorry I was away from work for the weekend so havent had a chance to get back on my computer and check the replies.

            Ive actually come across another problem that im sure has a simple answer but is doing my head in. My bottom graph has Training Load on the left axis and Fatigue on the right axis. I am trying to add Mood State to the right axis (with fatigue as they both use a 10 point scale) but nothing happens when i drag it over the right axis.

            Ill attach a packaged workbook for this post. An help for either problem is greatly appreciated



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              Andy Cotgreave

              Hi Charles

              Thanks for posting the workbook.

              In answer to your original question, when you have multiple Measures on Rows shelf to create different charts "on top of each other", each row has to be the same size. A workaround would be to split the charts into two separate worksheets, and combine them on a dashboard, one on top of the other. That way you can control the size of each indepedently.


              As for the new problem - this is interesting! In your middle section, the right-hand axis is showing "Measure Values" - therefore you can add multiple measures to that section, as you already have done. To acheive the same in the lower section, you need "Measure Values" instead of SUM(Fatigue) and then, in theory, you could add Fatigue and Mood State.


              However, there's a problem. A worksheet can only have one Measure Values "card", and it can only be the one from the primary data source:  whatever you show on the Measure Values for the middle section would have to be the same as the lower section. Therefore - I don't think you can get the exact result you want. Again, a workaround would be to create multiple sheets, one for each "row" on your current sheet and set the Measure Values to be relevant to each sheet, and then bring it all together on a dashboard.


              I hope the above makes sense - I'm aware I've described a lot of it using Tableau-specific vocabulary!