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    Extract indicator

    Ryan K

      I think it would be great for Tableau to add an "Extract indicator" to sheets and dashboards. You would be able to toggle this to show or be invisible upon printing. The purpose of such an icon would be to clearly indicate that an extract is being used - so that you can remember to refresh the data. Right now I have to either remember which sheet's I've extracted or manually check the Data toolbar.


      What do you think, Tableau users?


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          James Baker

          Interesting.  I know some people have taken to putting an annotation on their views that contains the "Last Data Update Time".


          Any opinion on where you might put it?

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            Richard Leeke

            My reaction when I saw Ryan's post was that adding the ability to insert any of the data source properties that you get from the properties window into the list of fields you can add (to a view title, etc) could be good.


            One comment on the "Last Data Update Time" is that if you have an extract, that time shows extract creation time - so if you have an extract created from a CSV file or spreadsheet, the time may actually look much more current than it is.  Create a worksheet using Coffee Chain data and add data update time to the view.  It shows some time in 2009.  Create an extract and it shows now.  So being able to add other properties to differentiate that more cleqarly would be good.

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              Chris Gerrard

              Keeping extracts up to date can be tricky. Opening up the workbooks and looking at the individual parts is cumbersome, and requires that the Data Update Time has been exposed. It also doesn't reveal which extracts are used in multiple workbooks.


              Keeping track of which extracts are used where, and when they were last updated, along with some indication of whether they're out of date is a bit of a bother, so after plowing through it a few times I automated the process, and posted a workbook on Tableau Public showing the extracts in the Tableau Sample Workbooks; it's here: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/WorkbookDataExtractswithDateTimeUpdated/DataExtractswithDateTimeUpdated?:embed=yes&:toolbar=yes&:tabs=no


              An image of the dashboard is attached.